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We can help you adapt to your changing needs in Later Life

Up until now you (or a family member) will have always been independent, possibly both financially and physically. But as we all grow older and move into our later years, our needs change and we may not be able to fully support ourselves in the way in which we once could. Our health changes and our physical independence starts to diminish, with more support needed from family and friends.

It is likely that you and your family will have worked hard for everything you have, saving throughout your working years and possibly continuing to do so throughout your retirement. The family home and reserves set aside help to provide security, with the view that this will eventually pass on for the future benefit of your loved ones, such as your children and grandchildren.

Over time the support and care initially needed may increase and it may not be possible for your family and friends to continue to provide this. You may need to consider other options which could draw upon the resources you have set aside.

We understand that at this point in your lifetime you will want to hold onto your independence and ideally remain in the comfort of the family home, nearby to all those close to you. Sometimes, depending on your needs, this isn’t always going to be possible – which will be difficult for everyone involved.

Like many others you may not have the time, or the understanding, to know where to begin in researching the options available to you. You may not have sought advice before and may be worried about the costs involved. Yet by seeking advice, as early as possible, this will often help to avoid larger costs later on as well as avoiding exhausting all available savings and possibly the eventual sale of the family home.

What should you be considering?

Ask yourself the following questions and give some serious thought as to what the impact of these issues could have on your, or your loved ones, future security:
  • How will income and assets be assessed if care is required? What care options are there? Is it possible to remain at home?
  • What help from the State is provided? Will all savings need to be used? Will the family home need to be sold?
  • Have I got enough money set aside? What happens if I run out? What then?
  • Is there a way I can maximise what I have, to provide the higher level of income I need to pay care costs throughout my remaining lifetime?
  • Could there be a better way to fund care requirements, whilst maintaining part of the family estate? What options are available to me?
  • Have I appointed someone to manage my affairs, if I become unable to? Are they aware of how I want my affairs managed?
If you need help answering any of the above questions please contact us for an initial face-to-face discussion, at no obligation or cost, about your later life requirements.

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