Lisa Footes - Financial Planner and Mindset CoachLisa is pleased to announce that she has completed a course of study and gained a certification in Mindset Coaching.

Over the years whilst assisting individuals and clients with their financial planning arrangements, Lisa has noticed some recurring themes regarding attitudes to money and wealth.

Lisa explained:  “Many of us will hold onto limiting beliefs when it comes to our finances, which then impacts on the decisions we make in terms of how we use our money and ultimately how we live our lives.  Often we are not aware of this however over the years as someone fascinated with mindset, I have recognised reoccurring themes and want to help people on a deeper level.  I therefore decided to pursue the coaching as way to facilitate this and I feel that incorporating behavourial finance and coaching complements our existing service offering perfectly.” 

Lisa will be providing mindset coaching as an additional option for new clients on a one-off basis or as a value-add for existing clients who are open to exploring this approach.