Planning Process

Turning your financial vision into a reality

Turning your financial vision into a reality

The Footes Financial Planning team of highly qualified professional financial life planners and independent financial advisers will help turn your financial vision into a reality. We take time to understand where you are and where you want to be and ultimately provide holistic advice to maximise what you can achieve with your financial resources.

Through years of experience, we understand that your wealth has a unique and important function, to serve you and the lifestyle you wish to live. We place this belief at the heart of everything we do. By working through a series of logical stages, we will help you gain a better understanding of the options available. And by working together, we can devise and implement a tailored financial plan to meet your goals.

  • Discovery

    During our initial discussions we want to hear all about you; the reasons for seeking advice, your requirements, your concerns, and the best possible outcome you are looking to achieve. Whether you are looking to work towards a specific goal, achieve or maintain a current level of lifestyle, we can help you. Within this initial conversation, we will explain the full range of solutions we have available along with how we are paid and by whom. This meeting is provided to you on a no-obligation, no-cost basis and provides, the perfect opportunity to get to know you better and to see whether we are a suitable match to work together going forward.

  • Analysis

    Providing you are ready to take action the next step is to understand your full financial position with regards to income, savings, living expenses and liabilities. Here we will need to gather data from you, along with obtaining any policy or investment information direct from each provider to enable us to gain clarity on where you are currently, and understand all possible options available to you. This part is essential and enables us to build a financial blueprint as a foundation to get started from.

  • Evaluate

    On reviewing all information gathered, along with understanding your goals and objectives, we will then hold a detailed discussion on all of this along whilst gaining an understanding of your views around investment risk and capacity for loss where applicable. This is then analysed to determine your required asset allocation for investment, pension and life goals. During this stage, we may touch on potential solutions that may be suitable for your consideration, with a view of helping you to address your concerns and plan towards your goals or lifestyle objectives.

  • Research

    Upon gaining your agreement, we will then research into possible solutions and start to create your financial plan. Each of the goals and objectives you have highlighted will be addressed along with a solution identified for each. Depending on the service you require, this could include a comprehensive financial plan with the use of cashflow software, detailed analysis on provision available or formulating recommendations for consideration within a financial planning report, which may include protection, investment, retirement, estate planning or care fee solutions.

  • Plan

    Once all of the research, financial plan and recommended financial solutions have been compiled, a further discussion will be carried out to outline our recommended course of action. We’ll record all solutions recommended to support your goals and lifestyle objectives. Where applicable, we’ll also coordinate the process with any other professionals such as accountants, solicitors or investment managers you may receive other advice from.

  • Implementation

    Finally, we process and submit the required paperwork and liaise between all parties. We provide you with updates until all is fully implemented. Where you have opted to benefit from our ongoing service, we will review your financial plan, and all solutions implemented at least annually whilst taking into consideration any changes in your circumstances and objectives, whilst allowing us to adjust recommendations, if needed, as your life changes. Our comprehensive review service, also considers any tax allowances and withdrawals.

The above provides a brief overview of what each step within our process entails. Full details will be discussed and provided to you within our ‘Client Service Proposition’ and ‘Timeline’ document which details our ongoing review service following successful implementation of advice.

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