Wealthy Individuals

We can help you maximise your personal wealth and lifestyle

As a wealthy individual you will have plenty of income coming in, as well as other accumulated resources available should you need them. If you are employed you are likely to hold a Senior Executive or Managing Director role, or you may be a Company Director of one or several companies. Perhaps you have benefitted from a large windfall, compensation or inheritance? But however you have got to where you are, your lifestyle is important to you and this is something you are either striving to improve, or to maintain for as long as possible.

You know that you are fortunate and in a privileged position and are grateful for all that you have – but, sometimes you may feel that it is more of a burden than a blessing, not helped by the high levels of tax you are likely to be paying.

You may not have thought of reviewing your position before as you have sufficient assets and may not see the need. You may simply lack the time or the understanding to know whether you have been making the most of your current position and how best to maximise what you have. You might have even tried to self-invest before, perhaps resulting in a bad experience which may have put you off ever investing again.

You will never take what you have for granted, you will be aware that things can change and you may even have experienced a financial set back before. You may not see the need to assess your position urgently but by not doing so you could be losing out on valuable allowances which may not be available to you later on.

What should you be considering?

Answer the following questions honestly and consider what the impact of addressing them would have upon you future self:
  • Are there other ways in which I could be setting aside my money to secure our future?  Am I aware of all the allowances available to me?

  • How long is my current lifestyle sustainable for?  Am I aware of what I am spending? Will I run out of money and what can I do about it?
  • Will my income continue to be paid at the same level if I become unable to work due to ill-health? Do I have sufficient resources to continue my current lifestyle if my income levels reduce? Based on my current expenditure how long are these likely to last?
  • What level of income do I need to sustain my lifestyle in retirement?  Do I know how much I need to set aside? Am I aware of all the options available?
  • How can I best set aside a legacy, to secure the future of my children and my grandchildren?
  • Do I fully understand how my wealth will pass onto my family? Are there better ways in which this could be arranged?
If you need help in answering any of the above questions please contact us for an initial face-to-face discussion, at no obligation or cost, about your wealthy individual requirements.

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