Benefits on Financial Coaching, Financial Planning and Financial Coaching

As our lives increasingly become much busier, with the pressures of bringing up a family and building career success, it can sometimes seem a struggle to find the right balance and purpose. Our highly qualified team of independent financial advisers and financial life planners will guide you through the opportunities and challenges you may face and help you realise a more fulfilling and harmonious life, faster and easier.

Our goal at Footes Financial Planning is to help you bridge the gap between information overload and effective action so you can convert all the work you are already doing into meaningful financial results.

As part of our financial coaching process we work with you to create a strategic wealth plan based on your unique skills, values, resources, and interests. We assess your personal situation and help you realise your goals.

But having a strategic wealth plan of action is only half the battle, moving consistently towards your desired targets is key to your success. Your health, wealth and happiness will all ultimately result from your habits. Similarly, this transformational approach will not only result in improved financial habits but will positively affect other aspects of your life as well.

What we do at Footes Financial Planning:


  • Stop the financial pain associated with budgeting and debt
  • Prevent bad decision-making with good financial know-how
  • Focus on a plan to get out and stay out of debt
  • Build good financial habits
  • Confidently set higher goals
  • See clearly how much is needed to achieve your goals
  • Find money you didn’t think you had
  • Save money you didn’t think you could
  • Set up an emergency fund
  • Address finances you feared discussing with others
  • Find value in yourself

    Addressing both the black and white numbers

    Footes Financial Planning will help you address both the black and white numbers. As well as your emotional relationship with money, in order to come up with a step-by-step strategic wealth plan to reach your specific financial goals and nurture a mindset and habit forming to support your long term financial success.

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