Our Clients

Our clients are typically at their pre-retirement years and work in partnership with us throughout their remaining lifetime.

Our Clients

Our clients are typically at their pre-retirement years and work in partnership with us throughout their remaining lifetime. Having accumulated a large amount of wealth, through net disposable earnings, redundancy and settlement packages, inheritance, selling their business or share-holdings or in some cases receiving a large windfall.

With high earnings and accumulated wealth, this often brings more burden – more decisions to be made and more taxation issues. With not having the time, priority or possibly even a lack of interest in their financial affairs to really understand what this money could mean for them, and their family.

There is usually a frustration that they should be doing something and with each year the passes, an opportunity to maximise their position and utilise their loses goes by. Often in a place of inertia – regardless of the level amassed, not being clear on their numbers and what this could mean for them – is it enough for their future security, will it support them throughout their retirement years, is their lifestyle sustainable, what if at a much later date they need care.

In addition, we often find that our clients are having to make other really important decisions, such as finding suitable care for loved ones, such as a relative, or parent. This bringing massive pressure and emotional stress – with suddenly having to understand what care is needed, what help is available, and how best to source and find suitable care ideally without exhausting all of the estate all whilst having their own family/work pressures.

Where we can help

The majority of the decisions we make, are emotional. Our money beliefs impact the financial decisions we make and ultimately the life we live. Whilst having to make financial decisions may not be urgent or even a priority - it is often easier to put making decisions off – especially when it is for yourself. We can help you understand the bigger issues that may be going on here, through a series of financial coaching sessions which will give you greater awareness on your beliefs, attitude and behaviour when it comes to money.

We can put a financial plan into place, helping you to clarify your current position projected forward throughout your whole lifetime to take into consideration any possible scenarios you may wish to consider, not just in maintaining your fixed expenditure but looking at all of the desirables whatever they may look like to you – fulfilling a bucket list, living abroad for a few months each year, a second home, supporting your family – whatever may be important to you.

We can put the financial infrastructure in place to support what you would like to achieve through various vehicles including investments, pensions, estate planning solutions and future care funding plans taking into consideration the various taxation issues.

We have an investment proposition that can be built around your values to incorporate Ethical and Sustainable investment solutions, so if making a difference with your money is important to you, we can take this into consideration whilst ensuring that is working better for you and ultimately supporting your financial lifestyle goals.

If you have a loved one that is in need of care, we can help you understand the options available and how best to structure the estate to help them not only financially, but to ensure they are in comfort and receive the best care support they can in their most vulnerable years. Holding the Society of Later Life Accreditation, we have a great depth of knowledge in this area and can help you.

We can help you make the best decisions to support you emotionally and financially. We are not just here to support you, but your family and future generations.

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