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Financial Coaching

Many people do not realise the beliefs they hold around money, often from our childhoods we carry these beliefs (often imprinted upon us rather than our own) and collecting more along the way, which in turn affects our attitudes and behaviours and ultimately the way we live our lives. Often we can be living out of alignment with our values and what is truly important to us and without the awareness, you will not understand how this can be playing out in our daily lives.

In addition to offering financial planning and independent financial advice, Lisa is a certified Mindset & Financial Coach who loves to combine the emotional with the logical in her work and in helping her clients to achieve, obtain and experience all that is possible, without limitations with the main aim of helping you create the life you want.

Afterall, 90% of the decisions we make are emotional rather than logical

Coaching offers you a deeper understanding and awareness of the financial decisions you make day to day, and how the sub-conscious mind can either be helping you work towards your life goals, or potentially hindering them altogether and moving you further away.

With sessions offered on a deep dive basis, or as part of a group coaching programme, we can help uncover what may be holding you back, and to help bring everything back into balance in how you make decisions and ultimately how you live your life going forward.

Wherever you are right now, everyone can benefit from this coaching. This is hugely transformational, and regardless of the level of wealth you may or may not have, this can massively help to change the way you view your relationship with money and ultimately how you choose to live your life.

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