We offer different service levels, where advice can be provided either on a one-off basis, or on-going basis. Depending on your needs, will depend on which is most appropriate and of most value to you. Either way, we will always take an holistic view of your situation to provide you with the best possible advice, so it is really important we have all the facts together beforehand.

A one off basis, can be provided where you may simply need help in setting something up or it could be where we carry out a totally bespoke piece of work designed around you, such as in-depth analysis of what your retirement will actually look like, or an in-depth analysis of your estate for inheritance tax purposes.

An ongoing basis, is provided through on-going management of your wealth and is subject to minimum investment thresholds. This will include a comprehensive review of your situation, understanding your story, your lifestyle, goals and aspirations with the use of financial planning software known as cash-flow forecasting, along with the implementation of a sophisticated investment strategy, one that is based on academic scientific research. Quite often, this will involve investment top-ups through the use of tax-efficient allowances available each tax-year as well a review meeting to ensure your financial plan is on track for you.

The cost of advice really depends on the level of work involved and is assessed on a case by case basis. We need to fully understand your situation first in order to offer the service level most appropriate to you.

An initial consultation of 1 hour is offered at no cost to you. However, this is a cost to the firm and we will therefore carry out a telephone interview initially to better understand what has prompted you to seek advice and whether you are ready to engage with an Adviser, prior to being offered a meeting. An initial consultation will then allow us to meet in person and to see whether we are a suitable match to work together.

We work with a small number of wealthy individuals and families and are not looking to work with a mass number of clients, ensuring a high quality service is provided throughout.

If we decide to engage with one another, there is typically a 5-stage process prior to providing advice and recommendation, this is detailed within our Approach.

“Lisa Footes was appointed by my company to advise and implement a suitable workplace pension scheme for this business. She has been instrumental in dealing with this process form inception to implementation and has been very attentive to our needs throughout. She has given my firm clear and well considered advice throughout this process and has also been of enormous benefit in relation to the administrative work required.”
P Rosier, Coventry

“Lisa sought all of the viable solutions for Mom and we ended up taking out a care annuity to help protect remaining assets to fund the care over as long a period as could be achieved. She then gave us a contact for a later life care advisor who was brilliant in finding care home and nursing home options for Mom. Lisa is currently advising us on pension plans as a couple looking to retire in the next 5 years or so.”
R Croton, West Midlands

“My husband was diagnosed with dementia and I had to reorganise my finances as I had to change from his financial advisors.  Lisa provided great support in difficult circumstances and did all the arranging of the money transfers including investing the extra money from the sale of my house.”
M Borcherds, West Midlands

“Lisa is very approachable and down to earth and has always responded to any queries quickly. She helped to demystify jargon and took time to really understand our current situation. Lisa was honest and transparent about fees, which I really appreciated.”
L Pell, Worcestershire

“I was looking to consolidate a large number of personal pensions into a single SIPP with someone to set it up and manage. Lisa consolidated thirteen personal pensions of varying sizes into one SIPP and advised on who the SIPP provider should be and the funds to be invested in. I am very pleased with how the investment has progressed and with Lisa’s service. She is very knowledgeable, responsive, committed and personable.”
M Greatrex, Staffordshire

“I was about to retire with a company pension, direct benefit scheme and I needed the advice of a financial advisor. Lisa was recommended to me by a close friend. Lisa arranged the transfer of my pension out of the company pension scheme into a drawdown scheme. We feel Lisa gave us all the help and information we needed to confidently take this option and Lisa is giving us ongoing advice about our pension plan. We are happy with the way the pension plan is performing although it is early days and expect to be clients of Lisa for some years.”
K Snelgrove, West Midlands

“Lisa clearly explained all the options to us pre retirement, quickly and efficiently invested our funds and now regularly reviews our financial position with us to ensure we are able to maintain our quality of life in retirement.  Lisa provides an excellent service.”
H Watson, Warwickshire

“Lisa has looked after my finances for the past 7 years, I don’t know what I would do without her. She is honest, trustworthy and very knowledgeable.”
C Gaskin, Coventry

“Lisa is always a cheerful friendly person who explains things in a way that can be easily understood. She promotes a very professional approach and knowledge of the financial markets and has always answered questions or give advice promptly or if not will have an answer for you in a very short space of time. I feel safe in the knowledge that my retirement investments are being closely monitored.”
T Hobday, Kenilworth
“Lisa conducted a thorough review of my financial situation and appraised my needs whilst understanding a range of possible future scenarios. Lisa was happy to answer queries and back up her proposals with evidence and was willing to spend time to ensure that I was happy with the way forward. Lisa’s charges are transparent and competitive and her firm is highly professional and efficient.”
S Frost, Bromsgrove

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